The Bondville Local - Bondville, New Fane, Jamaica VT, Stratton VT

57.9 miles
1 hour, 53 minutes

This ride is a local back roads favorite, shared by Neville Burt, of the famed Bondville Motorcycle Club.

The ride begins and ends at Stone's Lodge on River Road in Bondville. It can be ridden in either direction, but we'll start by heading to the twisty bits first. The ride will keep you involved, so don't expect to kick back with up your feet on the highway bars.

From Stone's, take the Stratton Mountain Access Road. Follow the Access Road to Upper Taylor Hill Road on your left.

Follow Upper Taylor Hill Road 4.5 miles to Brazer's Way on your right. Follow Brazer's Way. Opposite the Fire Station and Post Office, take a left on to Mountain Road toward the Town of Stratton.

Mountain Road is a nine mile, tight twisty technical road. Watch for decreasing radius turns. Locals who know the road travel it fast and often use both sides of the road. Keep to your lane.

You will come to a T shaped intersection. Turn right onto West Jamaica Road. Follow West Jamaica Road to another T intersection. Turn left onto Stratton-Arlington Road and follow it until you reach Route 100.

Turn right onto Vermont Route 100 South. Follow VT-100 South 22 miles to West Dover. There is a 7-11 in West Dover where you can buy gas. In West Dover, just past the Town Clerk's office, turn left onto Dorr Fitch Road.

Dorr Fitch Road becomes Dover Hill Road, which becomes Dover Road when cross into East Dover. When you reach a T intersection, you have reached Vermont Route 30. Turn left and follow Route 30 North.

On Route 30 you will pass through the town of Newfane Vermont. Rick's Tavern, just south of New Fane is a recommended stopping spot. Much of the movie Funny Farm was filmed in New Fane and Townsend Vermont.

The Townsend Dam, just north of the town of Townsend has a big pull off with nice views. The Dam Diner, just north of the dam on Route 30 is a good spot for lunch.

Continue on Route 30 until you reach Stone's Lodge. Stone's Lodge is a great place for an overnight stay, a rewarding beverage or a full course meal. See this listing for more information.



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