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5 Great Gift Ideas For Women Motorcyclists on Mothers Day

woman motorcyclist dragging knee on the race track
The mother of my boys dragging knee through a turn at NJ Motorsports Park

Mother’s day is May 9th: Is there a woman in your life who is a motorcyclist and also a mom?

There was a time when the very idea of a motorcyclist who is a mom would have been crazy, but now -- fortunately -- this isn’t far fetched. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, about twenty percent of riders are women. No one keeps statistics on how many of those women are mothers, but I’m sure there are plenty.

Which brings me to the purpose of this article: what to get the female motorcyclist in your life who is also a mom?

Mask/Neck Gaiter/Scarf

A common problem for people with long hair who ride is helmet hair. If you’re a balding male, let me explain. Helmet hair is a condition that occurs when your carefully styled locks are crushed to death in the confines of a motorcycle helmet.

While there isn’t really a good solution for helmet hair, you can hide it with a pretty scarf. The neck gaiter/headscarf is a versatile, multi-function tube of fabric, which can be used as a Covid face mask or as a neck warmer when riding and as a bandanna when you stop to eat.

The versatile neck gaiter should be paired with nice flowers or a can of chain lube if you really love her.

Merino Wool Baselayers

If you’re not familiar with Merino wool you may think that wool underwear is a horrible idea. The prickly, scratchy woolens of old were not made from these special sheep.

Merino wool is soft, thinner than other wool, and meant to be worn next to the skin. Unlike synthetics that trap odors, Merino wool is a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature in both cold and warm temperatures, transporting sweat away as a vapor, and resisting odor in a way that synthetics cannot match.

For motorcyclists, who face a variety of temperatures during a day of riding, Merino wool baselayers are ideal.

Icebreaker is a quality brand that makes high end garments meant for adventure. The Merino wool tank is a great piece for the mom motorcyclists, as it can be worn as a baselayer during cool weather or as a stand alone piece during the warmer months. The mom on your list will love how it feels and be surprised how a wool tank can be cooler during the summer than a damp, cotton traditional one.

If you want to really show her you love her, pick up a pair of merino wool underwear or a merino camisole.

Klim Gloves

Nothing says “I love you” better than Klim gear! Klim has earned its reputation as high quality, protective and functional.

The Klim Women’s Adventure GTX short cuff glove is a perfect adventure rider’s glove. The short cuff works better with adventure bike jackets by fitting under the cuff of the jacket but still offers protection to the wrist bones and knuckles.

The soft goatskin leather is supple, yet tough enough to protect her in a fall. The glove has a Goretex layer to make the glove waterproof.

Unlike some brands that make a glove a “woman’s” glove by adding pink to their men’s gloves, the Klim Women’s Adventure GTX is designed with the proportions of woman’s hands in mind for truly women’s specific fit.

Repair Kit

Women like to be prepared and self-reliant. I know my mom always prided herself on having exactly what was needed for any emergency, from a sudden headache to a button that lost it’s way, she always had just what was needed to fix things. While my mom didn’t ride, I bet if she did she would want to be just as prepared for any emergency that might happen.

You can show the mom in your life that you appreciate her preparedness by putting together a motorcycle repair kit that she can carry on her bike. Check out this article where we tell you how to put together a comprehensive toolkit for carrying on your motorcycle.

If she already has a basic repair kit, consider the Dynaplug Ultra Compact tire inflator as a useful addition. The Dynaplug Ultra is useful for inflating tires after airing down for an off-road section or topping off tires on a long distance trip. And, as a flat fix tool, this pump, which runs off of your motorcycle battery, really works and makes it possible to set the tire bead -- something that other inflation methods like a hand pump lack.

Total Control

The one motorcycle modification that will make every bike better is an upgrade to the rider's skills. Women are love learning and Total Control covers every aspect of being the best rider she can be. From chassis dynamics to body position and the mental aspects of motorcycling, Total Control covers it all.

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1 Comment

Holly Wilkins
Holly Wilkins
Apr 22, 2021

Great suggestions for Moms who ride! and agree on the idea that adding pink to any gear makes it 'for women' LOL. Cool pic of the knee dragging lady at the track!

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