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  • Bob LoCicero

Bethel Mountain Road

Estimated Mileage: 10.5 miles Estimated Time: 21 mins


Bethel Mountain Road is a short road that connects VT-100 in Rochester to VT-12 just north of Bethel. The road features some nice twisty sections on the Bethel end and beautiful views to the east from the highest point of the road.

When riding from west to east (Rochester to Bethel), look for Bethel Mountain Road between the gas station and the town green in Rochester. The road heads up hill steeply in a in-town setting that feels like a neighborhood road. The roads opens up quickly however. At just over a mile from the Rochester green, the road takes a sharp 90 degree right-hand turn. The turn isn't shown well on the VT State road map. If you find yourself on a dirt road, you have gone too far.

Bethel Mountain Rd can make for a fun alternative to VT-100, especially on more crowded days.



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Jul 26, 2019

This road is in very poor condition. Lots of potholes and cracks, skip it for now.

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