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Class-4: Mount Hunger Rd.

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Motorcycle on a Vermont class-4 road on the NEBDR
Motorcycle on Hunger Mountain Rd on a Vermont section of the NEBDR

If you are new to Vermont's Class-4 roads, please read this post about class-4 roads


Mount Hunger Road runs from VT-107 in Stockbridge to Barnard and is part of the Northeast Backcountry Discovery Route(NEBDR) in Vermont.

The road is not overly technical, despite it's unimproved or primitive surface rating on town maps. For the most part, the road is two-track dirt, with a few ledge rolls. During wet seasons you may find mud holes, but for the most part, these should be short and shouldn't be much of a problem.

Mount Hunger Road

You'll find that it is somewhat easier to traverse from south to north because you will be traveling predominately downhill.

When traveling north from the Barnard General Store ride north on VT-12. Ride .4 miles and bear left onto West Rd (TH-5). Ride 1.1 miles to a 4-way intersection. Turn right onto Chateauguay Rd. Ride .4 mile and then bear left onto Mt Hunger Rd (a.k.a. (Old Hunger Mtn Rd).

You'll enter the woods just past the last house on a gravel road. There is a sign indicating that you're on a class-4 road and maintenance is no longer the town's responsibility.

When traveling north to south, you’ll find navigation a bit of a challenge. Finding the beginning of the class-4 section is a challenge. After leaving VT-107, head steeply up a short gravel section. The road turns sharply right and then heads up a steep hill. When you come to a 3-way fork (good looking road on the left, little used road in the middle, and even less used road on the right) take the middle road.

As you travel south, bear left to stay on Mount Hunger Rd.

Honda CRF Motorcycle on a class-4 rd in Vermont
Take the middle road

Riding north to south is slightly more difficult because you are running uphill, but it is not overly technical. Wet weather would, of course, make things more challenging.


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