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Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont Wants To See You At The Track!

Cyclewise Ducati Vermont makes it easy to get started with track days!

Rider from the Cyclewise crew rounds turn 11 at NHMS
Rider from the Cyclewise crew rounds turn 11 at NHMS

Cyclewise Ducati-Vermont in New Haven wants to see you on the race track! “I’ll do whatever I can to get you there”, said Robbie Devoid, Parts Manager and organizer of the Cyclewise Track Day Club.

The New Haven Vermont Ducati-Suzuki dealer began sponsoring track days for their customers several years ago and they now regularly bring twenty or more riders to track events.

Ducati rider on track at NHMS
Ducati rider on track at NHMS

This season the dealership is sponsoring six track days, including days at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, New Hampshire, the New York Safety Track in Jefferson, New York and Thompson Speedway in Thompson, Connecticut.

Cyclewise frequently partners with Fishtail Riding School for events. “We really like Fishtail, because they’re all about instruction,” Devoid said. Fishtail has a strong emphasis on learning and developing rider skills. New riders are matched with an instructor in groups of three to four riders and there is classroom instruction in between track sessions.

Cyclewise makes the track day experience easy for their customers, beginning with helping riders prepare. Devoid calls each rider before the event to make sure their bikes are ready. He also takes care of event registration and many other logistics.

Gear is sometimes a hurdle for new track riders. Fortunately, Cyclewise has you covered there as well (pun intended). They have 10 track suits available for rent, ranging in size from 40 to 48.

The help doesn’t end with gear. Customers bring their bikes to the dealership the day before the event and the Cyclewise team runs through bike prep and technical inspection -- free of charge. They also help with minor suspension adjustments. Because the technical inspection is done at the shop, small problems are fixed easily.

After prepping the bikes, Cyclewise loads them into trailers for transport to the track. Without the transportation service, customers would have to ride their bikes to the track or find another means of transporting them.

The group travels together and either camps at the track or rents hotel rooms nearby. They frequently have a group meal the night before the event.

The Cyclewise crew working on a bike with a mechanic issue
The Cyclewise crew working on a bike with a mechanic issue

Once at the track, the Cyclewise crew keeps working to make sure things go smoothly. “When someone has a problem were on them like white on rice,” said Devoid. If a rider has a mechanic issue or falls down, the Cyclewise crew works to get them back on the track again, so they miss as little time as possible. The group travels with a fully equipped race trailer, complete with tools, power and compressor.

Camaraderie is a big part of the experience and fun is definitely at the forefront.

A good example of how fun rules the day is the track day rubber chicken, which is awarded to the rider who does something outstanding during the day. “It can be an epic save, advancing really fast or just someone who showed really good body position on the bike”, said Devoid. “It’s recognition for anything outstanding.” The winner of the award is responsible for passing the award on to the next rider, so it pretty much guarantees they’ll ride the next track day.

Whether you’re an experienced rider looking to join a group or a newbie looking for guidance, the Cyclewise crew wants you to come along. To join the fun, contact at Cyclewise, (802) 388-0669. Beware, though: you might start an addiction that will be hard to stop.


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