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  • Bob LoCicero

Fresh Pavement Alert! Pumpkin Harbor Rd-South Rd.

Fresh pavement is to motorcyclists, as great surf is to surfers, or powder snow is to skiers. Here’s a local tip: Pumpkin Harbor Rd in Cambridge, VT is a curvy country road that runs from VT-15 to VT-36 in Fairfield, VT. At the Fairfield end, the road is named South Rd. In between, it’s known as Fairfield Rd.

There is little traffic on this 14-mile roller-coaster road. There are farms and views and the smooth pavement just makes this an even better ride.

To make a great loop, incorporate the section of VT-36 from VT-108 to Fairfield. If you’re staying at the Sunset Motor Inn in Morrisville, you can make a nice hour-plus long loop by heading east on VT-15 to VT-108. Then north on VT-108 to Bakersfield. From Bakersfield, head west on VT-36 to Fairfield, where you’ll find South Rd at a 4-way intersection. Head south on South Rd and follow the road back to the “wrong-way” bridge in Cambridge on VT-15.


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