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  • Bob LoCicero

Laconia Bike Week Postone to August

The Board of Directors of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association have moved the rally to August 22nd-August 30th due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The rally was scheduled for June 13th-21st.

“This could be a huge boost for morale of not just motorcycle enthusiasts but everyone in the region,” says Charlie St. Clair, Executive Director for the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association. “This event brings millions of dollars to the state and is critically important to NH businesses & our tourism economy.

The rally could still be cancelled, but organizers are hopeful that they can hold the rally this year. The August date is during what is typically a quieter time of the summer for the Weir's Beach area.

If the event doesn’t come off in August, “then we’ll look beyond it,” St. Clair said. “Our intention is not to cancel this rally if at all possible.”


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