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Local Tip: The App-Gap Pond

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

The pond at App-Gap on VT-17
The pond at App-Gap on VT-17

Here’s a local rider tip: If you’re looking for a convenient place to stop and eat your takeout lunch, consider the pond at the App-Gap on VT-17.

I usually ride past the pond with only a quick glance. In the many years I’ve been riding by the pond, I had never gotten off my bike and walked around it -- until this weekend.

Tree on the edge of the pond on VT-17
Tree on the edge of the pond on VT-17

I think this is because the water level is usually too high to make walking around the pond possible. This year, however, the water level is low and you can easily walk to the far side and get a very different view of this pretty pond.

To visit the pond, park at one of the parking lots at the pond. There is one on each side of the road, making parking easy. Look for a path off of the parking on the pond side of the road, where you can find enough dry land to get to the water’s edge. With a bit of rock hopping you can make it all the way to the far side. Enjoy!


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