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NH Considers Helmet Law Change

New Hampshire’s no-helmet law is under review again. New Hampshire house bill 1621 would change the existing NH Rules of the Road to require all motorcyclists to wear a helmet. The proposed changes would also require riders of electric bicycles and mopeds to wear head gear.

The fine for not wearing a helmet under the proposal is $50.

The bill is sponsored by Rep Skip Cleaver, D-Nashua.

Proponents of the bill claim money and lives would be saved if helmets are required. Opponents cite personal freedom and choice as drivers for keeping the law as it is.

At a February 4th public hearing on the matter, Jennifer Anderson, deputy director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association said passage would hurt attendance at the rally.

New Hampshire is also considering requiring seat belt use in vehicles.

See this link for a full text of the changes and to track the bill.

More information:

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