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Three YouTube Channels to Get You Through Winter

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Winter can be hard on the motorcyclist. Your bikes sit idle under a cover of winter dust. To make it through, you need a strategy -- a diversion from winter’s icy grip.

YouTube can fuel your dreams and possibly make you a better rider. Read on for three YouTube channels that we’ve been binge watching lately.

Life at Lean

The race track is a great place to learn to ride a motorcycle better. While you may not be interested in riding as fast as Marc Marquez you could probably learn a thing or two about riding from him. And while Marc isn’t making YouTube videos on riding, they’re are others doing the job.

Enter, Life at Lean: a website and YouTube channel run by Dan Netting from Essex, UK. Dan is a biker, track nut and latte aficionado (his words). He is not a professional motorcycle racer and I think that is a good thing.

Netting has climbed the track day ranks from novice to instructor and shares his knowledge in easy to understand videos and articles. In each piece he breaks down technique with an emphasis on what a track day rider needs to know.

Here is a sample:

Why Do Slow Corners Feel Harder

Mike On Bikes

If you like Life at Lean, you’ll also love Mike on Bikes. Mike is a motorcyclist who moved from Sweden to California to pursue a career in high tech. While a job in tech brought Mike here, it’s motorcycling that made him stay.

Mike covers everything from sport riding to trail riding and he is very knowledgeable.

I was first attracted to Mike’s channel when I researched why MotoGP riders dangle a leg when entering a corner (The Leg Dangle EXPLAINED).

Here is a sample of Mike on Bikes.

Evolution of MotoGP Riding Styles - From Leaning out to elbow dragging


The FortNine channel started with a travel series on motorcycling in Canada (FortNine Explore: Quebec) and has grown into a channel with outstanding production values, a great sense of humor and the ability to inform. Ryan, the channel’s star presenter, can take a topic with no interest to me (like say, Why Canada Makes Three Wheelers: Can-Am Ryker Review 2019) and suddenly make it immensely interesting to me.

A good place to ease into FortNine are the channel’s playlists. The Tested series will give you more information than you can imagine in a way that is easily digestible and always entertaining. If you don’t learn something from watching FortNine, you know way too much about motorcycles!

More playlists from FortNine:

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