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Vermont Rider Training Programs Sign-Up Opens March 1

Updated: Mar 13, 2020


A motorcycle rider navigates through cones during a training class
Slow speed motorcycle training

f this is the summer you finally get your motorcycle license, make sure to sign-up for the Vermont Basic Rider course on March 1.

The 18 hour Basic Rider course covers the basics of operating your motorcycle and gives the student the skills needed to pass the license test. The course combines classroom and range time and introduces novice riders to the dangers of riding on the street.

Students who successfully complete the Basic Rider class will earn their motorcycle endorsement.

Students do not need to own a motorcycle to take the Basic Rider class. A motorcycle is provided as part of the cost of the course. A helmet can also be provided, if students do not own one.

Sign-up for the Intermediate and Experience rider classes also opens March 1. The Intermediate Rider class is a one-day course that picks up with the Basic Rider course ends. The focus is on more advanced techniques like emergency braking, swerving and cornering techniques. The Experienced Rider course picks up where the Intermediate Rider course ends.

Remember: riding training is the best upgrade you can purchase for your motorcycle and it is the only upgrade that moves with you to every motorcycle you ride.


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