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VT-100 Alternatives: Part 3 - VT-110

Estimated Mileage: 27 miles Estimated Time: 54 minutes


VT-110 running from South Royalton north to Barre is the most intriguing of the three alternatives to VT-100 (see parts 1 - VT-12 and part 2 - VT-14). One-ten has a feel that is more remote, more twisty and more country than the other two alternatives -- if that’s possible. There are also two side trips worth exploring.

Pick-up VT-110 from VT-14 in South Royalton. The Corner Stop Mini-Mart provides gas, food, beverages and rest rooms. Small towns long the road provide basic services every five to ten miles, in the usual Vermont pattern.

The first town you will come to is Tunbridge, home of the Tunbridge Worlds Fair. The fair is an annual event that is a true slice of rural Vermont. It has been running every year -- except during World War II -- since 1867. It attracts many visitors and is a worthwhile destination for your ride. The fairgrounds has events throughout the summer and has hosted the Moto Giro vintage motorcycle race.Check the fairgrounds' schedule for events of interest

The first side trip is Strafford Rd in Tunbridge. Stafford Rd is immediately before the Turnbridge bridge. This winding road leads to the town of Strafford. The pavement varies from great to god-awful, so be prepared for bumps and crack filler. A layer of fresh pavement was skimmed on the eastbound lane during the summer of 2010 (why only the eastbound lane?).

If you brave the bumps on Strafford Road, you'll get views, variety and a sense of adventure. In South Stafford pick up route 132. VT-132 winds along a pretty river that has frequent riverside pull-offs. Use the pull-offs to wait out any slow cars you encounter.

At the Sharon end of 132 there are good twisties. You will also find the Sharon Trading Post, a Vermont country store with a front-porch bench, bathrooms and gas. You can buy food at the Trading Post and then head back up 132 to one of the river side pull-offs to eat.

If you take the Stafford Rd side-trip you can easily loop back to VT-110 and retrace your route back to Tunbridge.

The Chelsea Diner
The Chelsea Diner, Chelsea VT

Continuing north on VT-110 from Tunbridge you'll find our second side-trip: East Randolph Road (also known as Chelsea Mountain Rd on VT-14 side). This short side trip provides a cut-over to VT-14. The pavement is smooth and fresh -- an unexpected treat. The road has good views, few cars and a twisty flow. Sport oriented riders will want to ride this road there-and-back, just for the of fun it. You can also use it as variant for a loop with a VT-14 based ride.

North of East Randolph Rd on VT-110 is Chelsea VT. This small town has food, a nice town green and two general stores. Will’s Country Store is the better of the two – Chelsea Country Store has no public bathrooms. You will also find VT-113 in Chelsea.



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