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  • Bob LoCicero

VT-17 South from Bristol/Loop back via VT-125

Estimated Mileage: 54 miles Estimated Time: 1 hour, 24 mins


This route takes you south out of Bristol on VT-17 and loops back on VT-125 just east of the Champlain Bridge to NY. Follow VT-17 south from Bristol on on rolling country roads. The road has nice views of the Adirondacks and some fast, fun sweepers.

In Addison, you will pass the Dead Creek Wildlife Refuge area. The Wildlife Refuge is a popular bird watching area and has a roadside pull off, where people watch birds in the wetlands. During fall, the Snow and Canada Geese use the refuge while migrating south. Upwards of 20,000 birds stop during the migration.

As you travel south, you may see sky divers floating down as you pass Vermont Sky Diving in Addison. 

VT-125 has some nice twisty bits at the beginning (i.e. closer to the Champlain Bridge) as it heads back towards Middlebury. Following VT-125 through Middlebury can be a bit of challenge. Just follow the signs. VT-125 heads east, immediately south of the A&W Drive-In. The A & W is a good place for a burger and some real A&W root beer. Head up VT-116 through some nice sweepers linked by 1/2 to 1/4 mile long straights.

Bristol Downtown, Bristol VT
Bristol Downtown, Bristol VT



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