Northeast Backcountry Discovery Route Released

The 1,400 mile adventure motorcycle Northeast Backcountry Discovery Route is being released on February 1. The route will travel from a Hancock NY to the Canadian border in Maine over a mix pavement, dirt and seasonal roads through New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. The route was put together by the adventure motorcycling non-profit organization, Backcountry Discovery Routes® (BDR®). The Northeast is the tenth route the group has mapped and the second on the east coast. The other backcountry discovery routes are the California South route, Nevada, New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, Washington, Arizona and Mid-Atlantic routes. The Northeast route was assembled last summer with the assistance of local experts for each section. Eric Milano of MotoVermont was the section expert for Vermont. There is a feature length film to promote the route. The premiere of the film in Vermont is Thursday February 13th at Franks Motorcycle Sales and Service in Essex (see the event posting here). You can also purchase a DVD of the film (along with other BDR feature films) at the BDR Store. Bulter Motorcycle Maps will have a detailed map of the route and GPS downloads are available at the BDR web site (note: the Northeast track was not available at the time of this writing. The route should be available shortly after February 1, so check back). MotoVermont is offering a guided, supported tour on the route starting in May. For information, see the MotoVermont website.