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VT-110 to VT-14 Barre Loop

Estimated Mileage:  59.4 miles
Estimated Time:  1 hour 45 mins VT-14 and VT-110 are classic Vermont country-sweeper-type roads that features nice views, low traffic and a few twisty sections. Both roads have small villages or towns about every 10 miles, with rural Vermont in between. I frequently use this loop as an alternative to VT-100 during periods of high traffic. The loop "starts" in Barre. As you pass through downtown and head east, the speed limit is 25 mph -- but the road looks like a 40 mph road. Barre has a full-time police force, so watch your speed through this area.
I like to ride the loop by taking VT-14 south the morning and return via VT-110. This allows you to finish on VT-110, which I think is the more interesting of the two roads and has lighter traffic. At the intersection of VT-110 and VT-107 stop for pie at Eatons Sugar House . If your in the mood for fried calms, try Toziers Restaurant in Bethel on VT-107.
To shorten the ride, take Chelsea Mountain Rd (a.k.a. East Randolf Rd on the VT-110 end) to cut between East Randolph on VT-14 and VT-110, midway between Tunbridge and Chelsea. Map View on Google Maps

VT-110 to VT-14 Barre Loop
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