Alan Newman and Steve Mason listen to business pitches at the Lowell Barn Pitch
Motorcyclists have a tradition of stopping to help when they see another rider stranded by the side of the road. We’ve been there before: it’s lonely. We know what it’s like, so we stop and lend a hand. Starting a business in rural ...  read article
Long Lake, NY
With hundreds of motorcycle vendors at Tour Expo and the roar of Canada Street, it is easy to think of Americade as a “motorcycle-mall” or a seven day parade. While there is truth in these generalizations -- and reason enough to lov...  read article
Planning a dual-sport riding trip
Planning a route for your new adventure bike can be as challenging as riding it once you’ve gotten there. Ideally, your riding buddies will have plenty of knowledge to share with you and you can just follow along. But, that only wor...  read article
Riders in the parade at the Killington Classic pass the Pico ski area
Standing in the parking lot at the top of Appalachian Gap on a warm Sunday afternoon, it isn’t hard to conclude that there are a lot of motorcycles riding around Vermont. A casual, “look-around-survey”, will likely show license plat...  read article

Up Coming Events

  • Fundy Adventure Rally

    Canada Moto Rallies, organizers of unique rallies like the Mad Bastard Scooter Rally, are hosting the Fundy Adventure Rally in Sussex, New Brunswick Canada, September 5th – 7th. This new rally is aimed at riders of adventure motorcycles and features a 12 hour, 500 kilometer loop on a mix of easy dirt and gravel roads. There will also be hero sections for those seeking a bit more challenge.

  • Max BMW - Ascutney Mountain Hillclimb

    Max BMW Motorsport Ascutney Mountain Hillclimb is September 5th - 7th at Ascutney Mountain State Park in Ascutney, Vermont. The time trial hill climb takes place on the twisty, 3.7 mile mountain auto road course. The course climbs 2,300 vertical feet with an average grade of 12% and has steep grades as much as 19%. The course runs to the top of the mountain.

  • Rolling Thunder NH Chapter 2 - 4th Annual Granite State Poker Run

    The Rolling Thunder NH Chapter 2, 4th Annual Granite State Poker Run is September 13th. Registration is 8:30 - 10:30 at the Imperial Restaurant on Washington Street in Claremont, NH.

  • CroMag Campout

    The 6th Annual CroMag Campout is September 17-21 at Silver Lake State Park. This event is a gathering of dual-sport riders from ADVRider forum. 

  • Moto Vermont 3 Day Dual-Sport, Adventure Bike Training Tour (Fall)

    The Moto Vermont Three Day Adventure Bike, Dual-Sport Training Tour combines world-class instruction, challenging Vermont back roads and trails, and luxurious accommodations at Jay Peak Resort for a weekend long adventure that you will remember. This tour is also being offered July 18 - 21.


  • State of Vermont Publishes Road Paving Info

    Are you wondering whether your favorite set of twisties will be repaved this summer? Are you planning a road trip right into the middle of a construction zone? If so, then you should check out the the State of Vermont's online guide to summer paving projects.

  • Community High School Donates "Harley Time" Project Bike

    The Vermont Department of Corrections announced the completion of the sixth annual charity motorcycle project. This year’s project benefits the Vermont Veterans Place in Northfield. The Veterans Place is a Veterans Administration support shelter for homeless vets.

  • Moto Vermont and Adventure Riders International Offer Teaching Tours

    Moto Vermont of South Burlington, VT is partnering with Adventure Riders International to offer three-day teaching tours for adventure and dual-sport motorcycle riders. The tours combine a learning experience with a tour through the Northeast Kingdom on Vermont dirt roads and trails. The tours are being run in July and September.

  • Tony's Track Days Running Non-Sportbike Track Day

    Tony’s Track Days is running a motorcycle track day event August 19th and Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park, in Thompson, CT. The event is specifically for riders of cruisers, adventure bikes, standards and sport-tourers, who have never ridden on the track. The event is not open to sport bikes.

Featured Roads

Rider on App-Gap
  • The Killington Twist

    If you like your roads twisty, the Killington Twist should quickly become one of your favorites. The ride uses a mix of back roads and main roads and includes some of the best of south-central Vermont’s twisty-bits. In addition, the route does not follow the normal tourist route, so it should also provide some relieve car-bound droning.


  • Flowing, Rolling, Take the Vermont-30 Alternative

    Vermont-30 is your best choice, if you’re looking for a pleasant, scenic alternative to running US-route 7 between Middlebury and Manchester. VT-30 rolls and curves with open vistas east to the Greens and west to the Adirondacks, past lakes Bomoseen and St. Catherine. Unlike US-7, VT-30 has no significant traffic lights between Manchester and Middlebury, and there is only a half-mile difference in distance between the two routes.

  • VT-232: A Sporting Ride Through The Woods

    Vermont Route 232 is a 14.6 miles long, tight technical, roller-coaster road through Groton State Forest. Repaved in 2010, the surface is near perfect, except for some mid-corner gravel from the newly constructed shoulders. The road is sporting-fun and runs through Vermont woods that are a worthwhile destination of their own.

  • Dual Sport Ride to The Natural Turnpike

    Vermont has just over 14,000 miles of roads. Approximately 8,000 miles are gravel or dirt and only 6,000 are paved. Obviously, the Vermont motorcyclist who dismisses all dirt roads is missing something.

  • Ride to Eden and Paradise

    One of the best uses of a motorcycle is quickly eliminating negative thoughts. Quickly dropping thoughts of mortgages, jobs, and troubling responsibilities the quicker you go. This ride is designed for that purpose: taking you quickly through the uncluttered roads of Vermont’s north country. A ride to Eden, around Jay Peak, to paradise and back.