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Moto Vermont - Adventure Motorcycle Rentals and Outfitter

Providing rentals and gear for your next Vermont motorcycle adventure

Eric Milano of Moto Vermont with KLX250
Eric Milano of Moto Vermont with KLX250

Chance can turn any motorcycle ride into an adventure. Moto Vermont, a new Williston VT company specializing in outfitting and renting adventure touring motorcycles, wants to turn your next ride into the best kind of adventure.

Eric Milano of Burlington started Moto Vermont in June as a way to turn his passion into his work. He saw the match between Vermont's rural roads and the go-everywhere functionality of the BMW GS and Kawasaki KLX series of motorcycles.

BMW's in the Moto Vermont rental fleet
BMW's in the Moto Vermont rental fleet

Milano has plenty of experience in adventure riding. Recent long-distance rides include a twenty-thousand, two-month US tour where he traveled to Prudoe Bay Alaska and a three-week ride on the Trans-Labrador Highway through Labrador, Newfoundland.

Moto Vermont caters to explorers and travelers: whether they are looking for a day of fun, a weekend adventure, or a more serious trip. Customers this summer have ranged from new and returning riders looking to spend a day on a small motorcycle to vacationers doing week-long trips. One customer rented a bike to fill an off day on a business trip.

Moto Vermont is ideally located a quarter-mile from the Burlington airport. Milano provides a pickup service, luggage storage, and assistance with logistics such as food, gear and other supplies. Long-term car parking is available during your rental.

You can rent a range of motorcycles. The 292-pound Kawasaki KLX250 is perfect for the returning rider, riders new to dual sport riding or those who prefer its quiet efficient, flickable nature. The bike is well matched to Vermont's Class 3 and Class 4 roads (see the related article: Dual Sport Ride to The Natural Turnpike in the Roads section for ride that takes advantage of this bike).

At the other end of the spectrum, you can rent a BMW R1200 RT. The R1200 RT is a 570 pound, 1170cc, luxury sport-touring motorcycle. The bike has plush accommodations with an adjustable windscreen, cruise control, Sirius satellite radio and luggage space that is adequate for rider and passenger. To date, this bike has been the Moto Vermont's most demanded rental.

If you are looking for a go-anywhere type bike, the BMW R1200GS will suit you. The bike has the same 105hp, 1170cc motor as the R1200RT, but is only 504 pounds. The rider can turn off the ABS for gravel or dirt riding.

The BMW F650 GS is a middleweight bike and a natural choice for riders looking to favor gravel roads over pavement. 

If you prefer a true sport-touring motorcycle, rent the BMW F800 ST. The F800 is a parallel twin -- not the usual BMW Boxer motor -- known for sport bike-like handling while preserving rider comfort.

With the exception of the F800 ST, all of the BMW's in the Moto Vermont rental line-up have adjustable seat heights, making them suitable for riders of all heights. The seat on the F1200 GS adjusts from 29.5 to 33.2, as an example.

Wolfman tank bag on KLX250
Wolfman tank bag on KLX250

All of Moto Vermont's rental motorcycles come with luggage -- even the KLX250, which comes with a tank bag and luggage rack.

Moto Vermont also rents and sells helmets, jackets, gloves, and GPS units. Moto Vermont is an authorized Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage dealer. Wolfman offers a full line of bags, racks and accessories tailored to the adventure motorcycle market.

Rental costs range from $125 per day for a 1 to 2 day KLX rental to $180 per day for a 1 to 2 day rental of an R1200 RT. Renting three or more days drops the daily cost, with discounts for 3 to 7 day rentals and rentals lasting eight days or more. Rental costs include 300 miles daily. Optional higher mileage packages can be purchased.

To rent, riders must be at least 25 years old and have a valid motorcycle endorsement. Rider and passenger must wear helmet, gloves, and over the ankle boots while riding. A deposit is held during the rental and refunded with the safe return of the motorcycle.

Milano hopes to grow Moto Vermont into a complete outfitter for the traveling rider. He is planning to expand the types and range of bikes he offers, and build his gear line into a year round business. Whether you are looking for a day of fun or a longer adventure, Moto Vermont has the bikes and gear to make your adventure a good one.


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